Intellectual Semicircle

Welcome to Intellectual Semicircle

Intellectual Semicircle

Welcome to Intellectual Semicircle

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The Intellectual Semi-Circle is a group founded in 2018 by a linguist, a literary critic, and a data scientist to create a space for collaboration between people from technology, humanities, and social science. Our purpose is to foster conversation and community across disciplines. 

We bring together a few insightful people from different backgrounds a few times a year to discuss resonant ideas from multiple perspectives. Typically, 30-40 people attend ranging from roboticists to poets to data scientists to sculptors to naturalists and more.

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We host four meetings a year (usually on a weekday evening) with two speakers presenting 15-20 minute talks on a single theme. Presentations are followed by questions and small group discussion. Our past themes have included Beauty, Inside / Outside, and The Brain & the Internet.

Our past speakers have included Malcolm Margolin, Kai Frazier, Maryanne Wolf.

When: 7-9 pm on a weekday evening

Where: The Mechanics Institute, 57 Post Street

What to Bring: Your intellect, curiosity, and maybe a bottle of wine.


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